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A Real Battle Experience with VATOS LASER TAG

Play with your friend

Children can play the laser tag gun toys with their buddies in community garden.

Play with your family

Put down your phone, go outdoors and start happy family games now!

4 Teams Can Join The Game

RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE are available. You can add multiple players by purchasing another set

Increase Insteractivity

The gun will make different sounds in different situations to increase the gaming experience

Realistic Gaming Experience

Tactile vibrations, shining LED lights, shooting sound effects add more fun and realism to the game

Safety Infrared Sensing

VATOS laser gun uses 100% safe and Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission, will do no harm for eyes

4 weapons modes

 1. Machine gun

6 bullets ,2 life gone per shot

  2. Pistol

12 bullets ,1 life gone per shot

3. Rocket

1 missile ,3 life gone per shot

 4. Shotgun

6 bullets ,2 life gone per shot

Thers are 4 weapon modes, PISTOL, SHOTGUN, MACHINE GUN and ROCKET, 

so you can switch different modes to add the excitement and strategy of this laser tag game. 



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How to track my order?
We will email you a shipping notice with tracking Number and let you know that your order has been dispatched from our warehouse. You can also login our website www.vatostoys.com and go to "my orders" to track the products. 
What is the product's warranty?
1-year warranty period and we offer 24/7 customer service support. 
When will my order ship?
All in-stock orders ship will be shipped out within 24hours on business day or shipped out within 48hours on holidays.
You will receive an order confirmation email shortly after your order has been placed. This is not your shipping notice. We will email you a second time with a shipping notice/invoice to let you know that your order has been dispatched from our warehouse. 
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We have local warehouse in United States、England、Germany、France、Italy and Spain. The delivery times of above areas will average between 4 to 7 business days. If it is international shipping, the delivery time will be extended.

What's In The Package

Laser guns x 4

Vests x 4

Instruction manual x 1

Battery NOT INCLUDED(3 X 1.5V AA batteries for each gun and 3 X 1.5V AA batteries for each vest. Total 24pcs batteries are required)

Safety Information:

Include small parts, not for children under 3 years old. Please Do Not allow children to put any part of the product into the mouth.