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Double-sided Magnetic Art Easel - This kids easel has two drawing boards, one is a whiteboard for painting, and the other is a blackboard for practicing writing and learning

Art Enlightenment Easel for Toddlers - kids can use the tangram in the set combined with painting to make various shapes, children will be excited about this easel.

1. Whiteboard & Chalkboard Eraser

There are corresponding erasers on both sides of the drawing board, which is very convenient and easy to clean.

2.One-Click Storage

The easel can be folded as a flat drawing board, so children can play in many ways.

3.Double-sided Drawing Board

The drawing board has a blackboard and a whiteboard, and double-sided creation can be performed by flipping.

4. Adjustable Up and Down

Adapt to the way kids paint by adjusting the height of the drawing board.

Great Partner for Kids

What's In The Package

 Double-sided Magnetic Dinosaur Easel x1

Black and Whiteboard Erase x 1

A set of tangrams

Color Markers x 5 

Colorful Chalks x 12


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