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Norwhale Bath Toys for newborns kids

Cute Toys Inside

360° Rotation Spout

Dual-Mode Shower Head

Flower Shower Sprayer

Pea Shower Sprinkler

Enjoy bath time

Many Kids are born with a fear of being in the water and bath time becomes difficult. Vatos whale bath toys can eliminate children's fear during bath time and keep them docile. The process of playing with toys allows children to begin to enjoy the bathtime and fall in love with bathing.

Multiple Waterproof

Multi-layer waterproof design - battery tank, battery cover & sealing cover. Before putting the toy into the water, please be sure to install the cover with screws to ensure internal sealing and place the sealing cover by the tail of the whale toy. Let's enjoy water play and bath with confidence.

Safety Guarantee & Waterproof

The baby water pump toy is made of ABS, smooth & skin-friendly surface without burrs. No need to worry about hurting the baby. 

This toy is double waterproof protection design which can prevent water ingress and leakage by tightening the screws.

Develop kid's Cognition

Kids need this: as some research shows, preschoolers who exposed to educational learning toys from infancy will get faster and better development in brains than others.

With so many lovely shapes and eye-catching effects, the whale water sprayer toy is benefitial for kids' sensory development, logical thinking and motor skills

What's In The Package

Product Included: 

  • ​​​​​​Whale bath toy
  • Shower head
  • 3 Nozzles-Flower, Pea, Rotation

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