Vatos STEM Building Toys 35-in-1 Robot Building Blocks 832 PCS

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robot building toys
  • Robots STEM Toys: VATOS Robots STEM Toys has almost 260 pieces more than other similar building block toys, so it can create more models on the original basis and is compatible with various well-known STEM building toys brands. Besides, it contains the necessary functions for children's intellectual development such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, etc.

  • 35 in 1 STEM Building Toys: 832pcs VATOS STEM Building Toys can transform into 8 construction engineering vehicles, each vehicles have 4 forms, also can be built 1 big robot building toy, 2 tanks, total 35 models.

  • Non-toxic Materials: VATOS Construction Engineering kit is made of high-quality ABS material and has ASTM, CPSC, CPSIA Certification, There be disinfected before sold to ensure that it will not cause harm to user.

  • Building Toys for 6 Year Old Boys: It's a classic robot building blocks for 6 year old boys. And it have super cool shapes and colors, kids can follow detail synopsis into build it together with their friends or families. Kids can change building toys into different models, airplane, tank, vehicles, robot, or a complete new model according imagination.

  • Building Toys for kids: When you want to purchase the festival gifts for 6 year old boys, we recommend you choice the "VATOS Robots Building Toys". Every boys have a hero dream, robot is a special symbol. It can help kids beat various monsters and built their confidence. And this building blocks also can promotes the importance of teamwork & collaboration, builds social skills, supports creativity, and improves imagination through interactive play.
35 in 1 robot
35 in 1 Robot Toys and STEM Blocks

Assembling hundreds or thousands of small pieces into interesting STEM brick models can stimulate children's potential abilities. This is the core purpose of VATOS STEM toys, learn while playing.

Creative Building Bricks

Under the erosion of computer games and mobile games, children are increasingly avoiding communication with their friends in reality. This robot assembly toy solves this problem very well. It has 832 small fragments. The help of friends can turn it into stereoscopic robot toys faster. This creative construction toys strengthen teamwork, and make your children feel happy without harming their health.


This Robot STEM toy kit is designed according to the international standard, which means it's compatible with your existing name brand building bricks. So you don’t need to throw away the old building blocks of your child, try to combine them, you will get more cool new shapes.