Plant Garden Building Kits Toy MOC Building Blocks with LED Lights 2147 Pcs

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  • This Plant Garden Building Kits is assembled from 2147 building block parts and has colorful paper instructions to help you easily assemble it. You can complete it with your lover or kids, it will be a very interesting thing.

  • This flower room is equipped with lighting, the lighting effect is very good, and the light transmission of the windows is very good.

  • All our building blocks are made of high-quality ABS materials and carbon fiber materials, one-time precision casting processing. It is designed in accordance with common standards and can be compatible with your existing brand toys. All parts are easy to assemble and will not fall apart.

  • It is a cool model toy, a new set that can be added as a collectible. At the same time, this is also a perfect holiday or birthday gift for children or lovers, if they are building block toy lovers or collectors.

  • Want to add a different new suit to your collection? Take this set of construction bricks home! Our construction toys are suitable for every kid, teenager and collector. Since the packaging process of the product is fully automated, if you find any parts missing during the assembly process, please notify us as soon as possible, and we will reissue the parts for you free of charge.