Terrarium Light-up Kit for Kids


Why choose this growing kits for your kids?

You’ll have a great time with your kids doing this terrium kit and a fun forum to educate kids on the importance of plant life and the importance of taking care of things. Just put the seeds in, it started to sprout after just a few days and you’ll see your kids looking forward to watering their plants every day when they get home.

Think about this scene: As soon as your kids wake up in the morning, they check the mini terrarium kits’ progress and they do the same when they get home from school. It’s like their little pet, but without the mess. If you are looking for a fun, educational project, this would be the best gifts for 5-12 year old.


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Product Description

  • CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED MINIATURE GARDEN – Now, every children have the opportunity to customize their own garden without waiting for a specific season! It’s a mini terrium kit that simulates natural enviroment. Your kids will discover the plant growth process by watching it grows by day and glows at night with the LED grow light.
  • GROWS BY DAY, GLOWS AT NIGHT TERRARIUM -LED grow light on lid design which will hlep plant growth in the dark and transforms scince into your kids experience. Just Plant your crops, touch the switch to turn on the light-upterranium kit. Take care of your garden and watch your creation grow day by day while glowing throughout the night!
  • KIDS’ EFFORTS WILL BE GREATLY REWARDED! – Your kids will learn how to sow and how seeds germinate by customize their own mini garden. Once the seed germinate and grow up, you’ll see the suprise and achivement on their faces. This science grow kit is really a great help of knowing nature for your kids.
  • All KIT INCLUDES – A cute box includes: Tarrarum jar (4″ x 6″), LED grow light jar lid, Micro- USB charging cable, clear and easy step-by-step instruction, soil, sand, white river rock, wheatgrass & sesame seed, a spray bottle, a wooden stick, small bunny, mushroom miniatures, removable stickers for decoration. Bonnous!!! A note book to make a note on plant growth, a pencil, a set ofof small garden shovel.
  • A FUN AND EDUCATIONAL STEM GIFT FOR AGE 5 6 7 8 9 10: This terrarium kit achieves both science learning and fun engaging. With the freedom to layer the rocks, sand, soil, and miniatures as their pleasesant, Teach your kids the nature life while having a blast with our wonderful terrarium kit! It’s the best gift for all ages boys and girls.

Additional Information

Product Information:

The Setup Guide: It’s very well done with step by step instructions, including photos for each step.

Jar: That fill all your part in.

Three type sands: For your seed growth

Spray bottle: watering the plant every day

Seed: you can see the two type of seed grow

Garden kit: to plant anything in your garden with kids

Note book: to make a note of plant growth

USB cable: to recharge the grow light

Two figures: to decorate your grow kit



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