Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids


VATOS Magnetic Building Blocks is a perfect present for boys and girls age 3 +

Magnetic building blocks are the second most popular product in the puzzle assembly toy category. It has the same logical thinking and imagination space, and it is easier to learn.

It can simply transform the flat model into a space model, making children feel more challenging and fulfilled. In addition, the Vatos tube magnetic tiles makes each model more three-dimensional, not just ordinary square, rectangular and triangular magnetic plates, it also has a circular shape, a tube magnetic plate, and a glowing ball from the pipe rolling down.

It brings you different visual enjoyment!!

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Product Description

  • 🎁 Creativity Magnet Pipeline Tiles: 125 magnetic tiles can be built into hundreds and thousands of different shapes, which can greatly exert the creativity of children.
  • 🎁 Preschool Educational Blocks: The toys most needed by preschool children are novel and changeable toys with exploration–Magnetic building blocks. This is the ability that parents most want their children to have, independent thinking and problem solving.
  • 🎁 Learning Skills: It can bring great improvement to your child in terms of spatial imagination, practical ability, color recognition and shape recognition
  • 🎁 Age Limited: Many kids toys have imperfections, such as accessories that are too small, have sharp edges, colors are too bright or unattractive. But this toy is perfect, suitable for children of all ages, we pay extra attention to the luminous balls we configure, it can bring you different surprise, and it is the best holiday gift.
  • 🎁 Safe Material: Vatos Magnetic tiles are made of round edge design without sharpness for safety and smooth hand-feeling. And the main materials are Non-Toxic and durable ABS plastic. Believe us, we are doing better than others!!

Additional Information

Package Included:

125pcs Magnet tiles Features
Magnetic tiles*32

Magnetic octagonal tiles*12

Color window*27

Semicircular pipeline*6

Straight pipeline*24

Glowing balls*3

Normal balls*3

Quarter tiles*12

Wave pipeline*6



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