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Product Description

  • AUTOMATIC LIFTING DEVICE — After installing the battery, you can use the elevator garage toy in electric mode, and is equipped with background music and track lights to attract the attention of children. The parking garage toy supporting the use of 3AA batteries, do not give away batteries.
  • MANUAL MODE — Car elevators can be raised and lowered manually, and children can rotate the groove on the top by hand to allow the vehicle to rise. Using manual mode is more environmentally friendly and can exercise children’s hands-on ability and coordination ability.
  • ENTERTAINING AND EDUCATIONAL — The toy road signs let children know under what kind of road signs they need to park, and they need to choose the correct lane to get out of the parking lot. Multiple children can play role-playing games with different styles of vehicles to enhance children’s communication skills, hand-foot coordination skills, understand various traffic vehicles, and increase traffic knowledge.Suitable as gifts for boys and girls aged 2 3 4 5 6.
  • THREE RACE CAR TRACK DESIGN — There are three floors in the toy parking garage. The toy car can steadily drive from the third floor to the first floor, and then rise to the third floor again via the elevator, thus making the game loop. Children can also let the car drive out from the exit on the first floor.
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES — A helicopter and six kinds of little cars for toddlers, 6 road signs, some stickers, a set of scene stickers including burger shops, bookstores, pharmacies, coffee shops, laundry shops, supermarkets, and parks Toilets.

Additional Information

Package Included:

Dancing Hen Toy x 1
Chicken Whistles x 2
User Manual x 1



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