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Family Time- Make for Fun with Your Children

Family Time: Make for Fun with Your Children

When is the last time your family play together? If you are running a family, you know there is an endless lists of things that get scheduled on your calendar. Between work, meeting, business trip, entertainment, homework and multitude of other things. It can feel like you’re pulled in a bunch of different directions, while all of that time is spent running around for the family, you may not actually be getting a lot of quality time with your family and also missing the growth moments that accompany your children.

A recent study in the Journal of Marriage and Family questions the impact the amount of time parents spend their children has on the academic achievement, behavior, and emotional well-being of their children. This is not to negate the importance of time spent with children, but rather, to reinforce the point that quality of time is much more important than quantity of time. Children need high-quality time with parents and caregivers, that is what is most beneficial to children and what can have a positive effect on them as they grow. The thing is, the kids don’t need all this fanfare, they just need you to connect with them on their level. In a way that the relationship between you and your children will become more intimate via play time. VATOS choose the following two toys for each family.

Sprinkle Splash Play Mat

Summer is coming, how will you spend summer time with your children? The swimming pool is too many people and worry about pool water quality. Or it takes much time to go to the beach. VATOS suggest this amazing super spray play water mat which offer you and your children a cool water party at home. This is really a kiddie splash pool which will turn your garden into a real oasis. The splash play mat area with the floating 3D fish, the striking undersea graphics, the bold colors and the splashing effect, what make your kids be more excited. You and your family can enjoy the quality time with your little one without having to go out, even your pet dog will be thrilled to play in the sprinkle and spray. VATOS equips your home with the most amazing fun water toy and engage your children in exciting outdoor games and cool water activities in your own backyard, garden or swimming pool.

Octopus Automatic Bubble Machine

The sun has returned, the flowers are blooming ,and that calls for some outdoor fun! You can’t keep kids indoor this time of year, and the bubble play is a slippery, sudsy, summer fun outdoor activity that’s on every kid’s summer bucket list. Without no doubt, your kids adore bubbles, in fact, all of the neighborhood kids adore bubbles. VATOS cute octopus-shaped bubble machine is definitely your first choice.Its cute purple appearance and delicate octopus designed attract your kid’s eye. The bubble blower machine make a ton of soap , your kids will love to chasing around all the bubbles and racing to pop them, all of this let your kids can’t put it down. With this bubble blower machine, you definitely have fun with your kids in picnics, barbecues, parties, beach, indoor/outdoor place.

As a family, spending time to make a fun with your children as a family is extremely important. How a family interacts will have great influence on the development of a child’s personality. Studies show that children who often play with their parents will be more cheerful, optimistic and confident. As parents, you need to help your children feel secure in your love for them.

VATOS was created by CEO James Lee, who wanted to find a safe, high-quality, funny as well as educational for his little cute daughter. He believes great toys could develop kids’ ability on social skill, concentration and imagination etc.


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